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From students:

"D-Day, my word! I simply can not go on enough about what an amazing time I had, just stunning.

It’s something to behold that the CLASS curriculum could be so focused, so intense, so seriously on point, and yet the atmosphere remain so casual and relaxed. As I said a few moments ago, stunning.

I personally could not get enough. Working with the various instructors over those two days provided me with non stop feedback to work on, and I hung on every word. I’d take that “right now” input and put it into practice the following session, and then I’d be on the prowl for more." -Mike H.


"Regarding D-Day at Streets -  It was a great experience, and I particularly got a lot out of the drills.  The sequence worked well – watching the instructors, then the repetition with immediate feedback – I could have done that all day.  As always, the one-on-one sessions with the instructors are always valuable in correcting some of the little things before they become bad habits.  Running the course counter (“ante” if you’re British) clockwise was like having a whole new track to work with and learn from – great idea!" - Gary


"The 12 rider format was really a good idea. I felt safe, never thought the track was crowded and had a chance to learn one on one with several instructors. Videoing with one instructor in front and another behind me on the track was the icing on the cake. You guys are the friendliest bunch and I have a good time every time I come out to ride with your organization..." Alex


"Just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what an amazing event the two-day instruction school was. I have been to a multitude of schools, and none of them compared to yours in terms of the personal attention each rider received during the course of the two day period. Two instructors per student is completely unheard of, and coupled with Reg’s insightful classroom instruction, I would hazard to say every single rider improved his riding skills significantly. I was particularly appreciative of the manner in which all of the students were treated equally, regardless of ability. It is a credit to your instructors and Reg’s emphasis on safety that allowed riders of all backgrounds and abilities to ride so safely together while all working on their respective riding skills." - Phil


Why do we ask you to pre-qualify?

With such a small school we run just one group. It means a lot more individual time for everybody. But we need to be sure you're "up to speed" and comfortable keeping a moderate pace even with faster riders on the course with you. Qualification is easy, and we have not had to turn away a rider yet! Just give Reg a call at
(805) 933-9936

Reg's take on D-Day

These are some of the best, most enjoyable CLASS dates I’ve encountered in my 40 years of teaching. Student participation is exceptional and every single one of them makes great progress in their riding.

From body steering to braking, with two on one coaching and individual video playback. From better gear shifting up and down, and better-faster-smoother cornering, to lessons learned to enhance safer street riding, the student response could not have been more favorable.

I am extremely appreciative to all of the instructors for all of their efforts during these end of warm summer days, along with that beer at the end of the day - with lots of happy laughter and daily reflections. To a job well done mates. Cheers to all,


Mon/Tue May 6 & 7, 2019 - $1,595
Fri/Sat Sept 27 & 28, 2019 - $1,595

Streets of Willow, 1.5 hr n of LA

Reg calls it the "Dirty Dozen" after the 1967 blockbuster movie starring so many great actors. But there's nothing dirty about it. D is for:

Desire, Discipline, Determination, Dedication. These four qualities are inextricably tied together for a rider who wants to really steepen their learning curve and become a more excellent rider. The students of D-DAY are a group of riders who want to knuckle down and learn. If you want more, if you want to really increase your skill in two days, from whatever level you are now, Reg and the team will help you reach your goals. It's your chance to get the best instruction and the most of it of any CLASS all year long. All in a two-day school with only 12 participants.

It's for street riders and it's for track riders. We will make you a better rider. At CLASS we work to develop each rider individually. We will teach you to be a better rider from where you are - whether you're a Sunday rider or an aspiring racer. In addition to Reg in the classroom and on the track with you, his team of experienced, fun loving instructors are ready to give you as much one on one help as you want, or to leave you alone once you're on your way.

Why CLASS D-Day?
  One reason is experience. CLASS not only has a rich history of victory, but they also have a long history of teaching successful techniques to thousands of CLASS graduates. Reg has been teaching since 1972, well before his first AMA championship. But more than that, he has a unique ability to explain technique and his riding philosophy in a way street riders of all abilities can understand and use. Don't let his gray hair fool you. Reg is still sharp as a knife when it comes to riding and observing and relaying what it takes to help you ride better! And he has hand chosen his helpers very carefully, based on their skill but also on their willingness to learn and ability to teach others. These guys are good and they can help you ride well.

D-Day or the standard CLASS school?
The CLASS standard school taken two days back to back is an amazing experience for riders who come to listen, ride and learn. And our new two day CLASS is a step up on the standard school (see calendar). But the D-Day school offers even more than either of those - a lot more. Over the two days of the D-Day school we will take you through from beginning to end. That means a couple of new drills that work you in a way we could never do in a CLASS standard school. You'll also have double team instructors to work with you - a lot. They will lead and follow, and give lots of perspective on what you can do to make it better. They will video you and then sit down with you to watch it right afterward. So you will get your classroom time with Reg and the other 11 students, plus your instructors will work personally with specific feedback. Want more? Let us know what you need, we got it.

Plus! A double team instructor to lead and follow each student shooting video of you, then once the session is over, it's back in the classroom to view and critique it. That picture is worth a thousand words.

After School. At the end of the first day of school you will join the gang for a good evening meal. Time for lots of chat and benchracing, and you're welcome to be inquisitive and ask those questions that only came up while you were getting ready for dinner. Then it's off for a good night's rest and we'll start all over again the next the morning.

CLASS D-Day Includes:

Two days of CLASS intensive training at Streets of Willow

CLASS size is limited to 12 students

Dinner the first night with Reg & the CLASS instructors   

Catered lunch both days at the track with CLASS team

The best in personalized, one:one attention - lots of it      

Learning, fun and camaraderie not found in any other school.

$1595 includes two days plus two lunches and one dinner.

Add a CLASS Honda Rental: $790 for a CB500 or CBR500 covers both days. Availability is limited, reserve yours today.

Register Now!

Join us for a motorcycling experience you will never forget. If you've got questions, email us or give us a call at (805) 933-9936.

Are you ready? We'll see you at the track!

Streets of Willow is located just 1.5 hours north of Los Angeles Please contact the CLASS office or email us for info to enroll. Pre-qualification required.

D-DAY Crew: Let these guys teach you a lesson you won't forget!

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