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"Reg, I have taken several other track programs and although I do tend to learn from each, I really enjoy your school because of the relaxed environment but yet serious nature of the way you run the program. I never feel pressured and the instructors are top notch and really want you to learn and become a better a rider... You do make a difference in teaching people a safe and fun way to ride.


Jon B. "


We know there are several other motorcycle groups that go to the same tracks we do. Most of them offer a minimum of 3 groups, many of them are what we refer to as “free for alls” - not schools. There’s lots of waiting around, because of running 3 or 4 groups, but also due to crashes. Obviously we can’t guarantee there would be no incidents, but one of the things we consistently get great feedback about at CLASS is the safety aspect and how well run our team makes a day at the track. Hope to see you at CLASS!

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2015 CLASS Calendar
2015 date track price grps notes
  Laguna Seca Season Opener!
Mar 9 Mon Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca* $350 A & B Sign up for both days by 2/1,
save $50! Bike Rentals
Mar 10 Tues Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca* $350 A & B
Mar 30 Mon Streets of Willow $250 A & B Just 2 groups!
April 23 Thur Willow Springs $275 A & B Big Track!
April 24 Fri Streets of Willow $275 A & B Both Days: $475
April 28 Tues Sonoma Raceway $395 A & B Just 2 groups! Bike Rentals
May 9 Sat SZP - Seminar! $25 info...
May 21 Thur Streets of Willow $495 A & B TwoDay CLASS** sign up
May 22 Fri Streets of Willow included A & B
  Priced low offering a super good value on two whole days with Reg and the team.
          TwoDay CLASS**
on North Course
June 15 Mon Virginia Int'l VIR $950 A & B
June 16 Tues Virginia Int'l VIR Included A & B
  Early Bird Discount: Sign up for VIR by 6-1-15 - save $100! sign up page
June 29 Mon MazdaRaceway Laguna Seca* $450 A & B Bike Rentals
Summertime at Laguna Seca!
June 30 Tues MazdaRaceway Laguna Seca* $395 A & B
  Early Bird Discount: Sign up for both LS by 6-1-15 - save $50! sign up page
July 25 Sat Oregon Raceway Park $395 A & B Just two groups!
July 26 Sun Oregon Raceway Park $395 A & B
  Early Bird Discount: Sign up for both ORP by 6-1-15 - save $150! sign up page
Sept 7 Mon Streets of Willow $275
A & B Labor Day!

Sept 24 Thur Streets of Willow

D-Day! $1495 Includes two days of our most intensive training. 12 students, 12 instructors. Fun and comaraderie not found anywhere else! Learn more...

Sept 25 Fri Streets of Willow
  Early Bird Discount: Sign up for D-Day by 6-1-15 & save $100! sign up page
Oct 9 Fri Streets of Willow $275
A & B Force 5 Day! sign up page
  Force 5 Members free on F5 Day!

Am I in the A Group or B Group? - check this out...

Click on track name for a map of the area and a track map. Whenever we refer to "both days" we're talking about the two back to back days at the same track.

Track Locations:
Streets of Willow: Rosamond, CA
Sonoma Raceway: Sonoma, CA (Sears Point)
Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca: Monterey, CA
VIR: Alton, VA
ORP: Grass Valley, OR

*Please be aware: Laguna Seca Raceway has a 90db noise limitation which is strictly enforced by track officials. No aftermarket pipes allowed. If you are asked by track officials to stay off the track due to excessive noise, CLASS has no say in the matter and a refund will not be given. Also for Laguna Seca: Please secure a number to your windscreen or right side fairing that is clearly visible from 50'. 6" numbers are preferable.

*If you have a loud pipe and want to ride Laguna Seca, we can set you up with a maker of "quiet inserts". Email Jay Murray at: jaymurray2 at aol.com. Jay took Reg's CBR600RR with the factory HRC pipe from 100+ db to 89 db, and gained midrange power!
ALSO: Reliable sources from Mazda Raceway at Laguna Seca have advised us that late model Yamaha R6s, Ducatis and BMW R1000S' have been known to fail sound tests even in stock trim. If you ride one of these bikes and are concerned about not passing sound at Laguna, Jay Murray can probably help. Please contact us at CLASS or shoot Jay an email.

**New on the 2015 Calendar are two day classes. This means all riders are in it for both days, and the second day is an expansion of the first. Our one plus one days do a great job of this, and we plan to make two day classes even better! (A little more intense than a standard CLASS, but not nearly as intense as a D-Day CLASS, which is the ultimate Two Day CLASS).

For Standard School enrollment, we require a $150 deposit per rider per CLASS date at Streets of Willow and ORP. All other tracks are $200 deposit per CLASS date. If your enrollment is part of a block of schools receiving a discount, we require payment in full at the time of enrollment. If you pay only the deposit when you enroll, the balance will be due 30 days prior to your event date. For D-Day class, deposit is 35% down at enrollment, 35% 120 days out and balance 30 days out.

CLASS Standard School Cancellation Policy