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CLASS is all about friendly one on one coaching, Force 5 promises you will get the best and most friendly help of any school or track-day, period.


"Dear Rego and Gigi, After my two days with you at Willow Springs and Streets I want you to know that not only was it the most humbling experience of my riding life it was also absolutely the best learning experience as well. I have been to other riding classes including the Motor Cycle Riders Safety Training class where they “taught” me how to ride. I know now that if I had been with CLASS from the beginning, two crashes I have been in could have been prevented. In two days you taught me to understand what makes my motorcycle work safely and properly and also gave me new confidence in how to apply the proper riding techniques.

I would also like to thank every instructor. Every one of them took time to personally ride with me and spend time explaining all aspects of safe riding. I felt many times as if I were the only student. Thank you so much to everyone at CLASS and I look forward to the next session at Streets."

- Tom

Force 5 Membership in 2019:

Register for all our west coast standard schools and we'll toss in Oct 7th at Streets of Willow for Free!

Force 5 members also get: Fast pass check-in and tech inspection + Members pricing on Dunlop Q3+s = $245, a $40 savings.

Easy Pay: 1) Pay all up front, 2) Choose all of your dates and we can put it on an easy payment plan for you with auto-billing 3) Pay as you go

To join Force 5, let us know your plans by phone or email, we'll help you get you set up and enrolled. The CLASS Calendar is here.

(805) 933-9936 or info@classrides.com