“What CLASS offers to street riders is so much more than just a track day” explains Reg’s wife and CLASS Instructor Gigi Pridmore. “The goal is to get more women who might feel a little shy about taking their street bike onto the track out to ride and learn with us. There’s lots of great instruction but there’s also a ton of track time, so lots of time to practice and improve with every lap. It’s a no pressure atmosphere, we just want the riders to have a really good time and go away with a lot more skill and feeling a lot more confident. Our team is fantastic when it comes to teaching riders of either gender, and the low ego format of CLASS blends perfectly to help women of all ages and varied experience levels to be the best they can be.”

For decades Reg Pridmore and CLASS have been teaching men and women of all abilities and ages how to ride smoother, safer and be more confident. We do it on a racetrack because the closed environment allows you to concentrate only on your riding. There’s no oncoming traffic, intersections or the usual distractions you find on the road so you can learn and practice in a safe environment.

We don’t keep lap times, we won’t try to intimidate you or show off. Our heart’s desire is to give you a clear understanding of the pieces that go into making you a better rider. We’ll give you the tools and the time and space to practice them.

Reg’s wife and longtime CLASS Instructor Gigi Pridmore, special guests, along with Reg and the fabulous CLASS team will be on hand to make sure you have a great time and finish the day a better, safer, more confident street rider.

We’re sorry, due to the scheduling conflicts surrounding the COVID-19
restrictions, this event has been canceled. 

  • Who's Invited:
    Female riders 18+ with a min of 1500 street miles. Sportbikes, Naked bikes, Standards, Dual sports, Supermotos and Cruisers, 250cc and larger. Protective riding gear required.
  • What:
    All Women CLASS Day, $250 for the day. Two groups, lots of excellent coaching, lots of track time, lots of fun!
  • When:
    Watch for it in 2021!
  • Why:
    CLASS is the friendliest and safest place to learn and practice the riding skills we all need. We'll make you a better, more confident rider!

Reg’s Legendary Raffle! With your registration you’re automatically included in the raffle drawing for some really great prizes!

Valuable raffle prizes include:

  • A pair of fresh Dunlop Q3+ tires,
  • 50% off a brand new Shoei helmet,
  • A new set of DP Brake Pads for your motorcycle
  • Gift certificates from dealers, hats, tee shirts and more!
  • We’ll be adding fun and valuable prizes in the months leading up to the CLASS

Extra tickets are available 4 for $20 and all raffle proceeds will go to benefit St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, a charity on Reg’s ❤️ for many years. St. Jude’s tirelessly seeks to put an end to childhood cancer.

Along with Reg and the Ace CLASS crew, for this one we'll also have your Girl Power Team!

Gigi Pridmore
Stacey Roberts
Ana Mata

It’s super exciting as we’re going in to our 3rd year to see the major improvements in so many of our female students. Just two years ago Ana (@R6_ANA) came out to our first All Women Day - her first time on a track - and so began for her a journey that has taken her racing and beyond. Last year she caught a glimpse of where she could take it…
"The first step in pursuing a dream is to decide that it's entirely possible for you to achieve it. I had this realization for myself at the 2nd Annual Classrides female track day I attended. Racing was a dream that I never thought I'd be able to make into a reality, but after attending several Classrides track days, my skills had reached a level where I was comfortable making passes, and although at that point I still wasn't quite fast enough to race, I made the decision that day that I COULD do it and it was up to me to pursue it, and I have my friends at Classrides to thank for laying the foundation that has gotten me to where I am today with my riding." - Ana Mata

This year, for the CLASS-All Women-Rides Day, for the girls on the team Gigi and Stacey will be back, joined by Ana! All of us are excited and we can’t wait to pass along some of the great skill and insight we’ve captured on our riding journeys.

We’re super excited to make this fly! So ladies, if you’re planning on signing up, please let us know early. And guys, if you know any female riders that would benefit from the fun, no pressure atmosphere of an CLASS-All Women-Rides Day, please pass this along to them. Ladies, make plans now to join us and take your riding to the next level!

 We’re sorry, due to the scheduling conflicts surrounding the COVID-19 restrictions, this event has been canceled. 


What Our Students Say

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Still buzzing from two incredible days riding with you, Reg and the team during last weekend’s D-Day school at Streets of Willow. You ensured my first track experience did not disappoint. Such an amazing opportunity to have access to elite talent, quality instruction and the passion of your team and fellow dedicated riders from across the country. You have a client for life and will always defer to your expertise and recommendations throughout my riding career. Thanks again, already looking forward to Laguna Seca!

Tamara S.

I had a fantastic time at Laguna this year! It was my first time ever on a track, and the support and help I got from you both, and the instructors was incredible. I learned so many new skills that I have been practicing and using. Everyone was so professional, and I loved that it was on such a tight time schedule that we got lot of time to practice. I have not stopped talking about the class, and my riding buddies can all see how I have improved. I can’t wait for next year! Thank you for all your knowledge and experience that you shared. You have put together a fantastic team I could tell how each one wanted to be there and help, and it made for a fantastic experience.

Melissa D.

Thank you for the amazingly instructive, well-organized and fun training. The pleasure and opportunity as an adult to be coached and learn new skills is a gift. It’s so clearly a passion of heart for all of you. I am grateful to participate. The team and experience you created was beyond expectations for me. The lessons also about attitude and focus and many more— the things that are all so pronounced and highlighted when riding—come at a very important time in my life when I do need to re-evaluate my life and change gears ( increase rpm!). This ride there, the streets of willow and riding on a track with other exceptional and motivated riders, and now the journey home, is a sort of Pilgrimage.

Rebecca C.

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