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CLASS is the premier motorcycle track school in the nation for street motorcyclists - for good reason. Since 1974, 3 time AMA Superbike Champ and AMA Hall of Fame member Reg Pridmore has been conveying his concepts in a straight-forward manner, so they are easy to understand and put to use. But it's not about racing, it's a race track based motorcycle school that’s focused on control and technique, in real time - on a closed circuit. And Reg has an awesome handpicked team to help you master it on track.





At CLASS we teach a variety of types of events including our standard A/B schools, our super intensive D-Day CLASS, Motor Officer Advanced Training and an All Female Event early in the season

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Frequently Asked


Frequently Asked


  • What is the focus of the teaching at CLASS?
  • How is the day broken down?
  • What type of riding gear is required for CLASS?
  • What type of motorcycle preparation is necessary?
  • What are "fresh tires"?

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Class Motorcycle Schools

Since his beginnings as a racer in 1961 to his 3 AMA Superbike Championships, to CLASS beginning in 1986, Reg Pridmore has maintained an unending enthusiasm and desire to help riders by teaching control, technique and survival. From the very first days in his race leathers in Denver and Riverside, to most of the best tracks in the USA with the full CLASS team, to D-Days and Motor Officers Advanced Training at Streets of Willow, Reg’s CLASS continues to expand street rider enthusiasm and skill in a way that track days and race schools can’t.

You might just say this motorcycle school provides
the best track day you ever had.

WHETHER YOU’VE BEEN riding 4 months or 40 years, Reg and the Team have the experience, credentials and talent to help you learn better technique, have more control, more skill and more confidence. We’ll make you a better rider.

“Thanks for all you do to enhance safety and promote a hugely satisfying day”. -Warren S.

Join us in California at Streets of Willow — check the CLASS CALENDAR for dates and prices.

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Types of Class


Class A & B Group

Advanced Training


Just 12 Students


Advanced Technique

Why Choose Class?


When it comes to teaching people how to ride a motorcycle, nobody has the experience of 3X AMA Superbike Champ Reg Pridmore. His philosophies have been forged over 50 years of experience riding, racing and teaching. Those he's chosen to help him are extremely personable, friendly and approachable with a vast depth of knowledge to share. Come tap into real experience, get to CLASS!


These days there are a lot of places to go ride the track and only a small handful of these provide proper instruction. Many of them are cheaper than CLASS. But what good can you possibly get from practicing bad habits? Just two groups and fewer on track incidents means more miles and more smiles. We think you'll agree, CLASS is a tremendous value.


For over 30 years Reg and his team have taught skill and survival to over 30,000 happy students. We have received dozens if not hundreds of letters tellings us how what they learned at CLASS saved a rider's life. All of us at CLASS are passionate about helping you become a better rider. We'll help you get the tools, work with you for the practice and you can become a better rider too.

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What Our Students Say

Your staff, your hospitality, your teachings, and your attitude were spot on. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I sincerely wish the best of business to you guys. I am going to recommend your school to EVERYONE I ride with now. Before I might have suggested trackdays or other, costlier schools, but now I believe your program has the best value.

Cody B.

I recently attended CLASS for a two day session at Streets of Willow and couldn't have had a better time. I am very picky when it comes to the type of people I choose to ride with on the street. There are a lot of people out there that drive & ride like idiots. Thats one of the reasons I liked CLASS so much. The fact that Reg is teaching safety on the track as well as techniques for riding safer on street was very appealing to me. When I left CLASS I felt as if I had learned years of information in a two day period. Things really started to make sense to me about body position & smooth throttle control. Much love to all of the sponsors for hosting such an epic event.

Calvin R.

Reg, I took all you said to heart and it paid off Big for me! Your instructors were the smoothest control riders I've ever been on a track with of all the track days I've done previously with other organizations. I left your class feeling more confident, sorted, organized, and over all safer, as a rider. Your whole program and staff were Great! First Class! & Very Professional! I never felt safer being on the track than at your school.

Clark S.

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