Are you new to the racetrack?

It’s a very exciting time to decide to take your riding to the next level. And some riders are a little nervous about being on the racetrack for the first time — that’s normal. But you shouldn’t be worried. The track is just a road formed in an interesting loop. It’s cleaner and safer than the street. There are no cars, no oncoming traffic, no cell phones…Just fellow motorcyclists, all going the same direction.

First time on track

The controlled environment that we specialize in at CLASS lets you concentrate on improving your skills without distractions. Plus, the racetrack lets you get to practice on a series of corners that were meant to be challenging, so you’ll learn at an accelerated pace.

CLASS provides a very relaxed, non-competitive atmosphere. There’s no speed limit, but there’s no pressure to go faster. We have strict no passing zones, passing rules, real control riders who are also our instructors and one on one with a control rider/instructor is available almost every session if that’s what you desire. A safe environment is our main goal. We want you to gain confidence and learn control at your own pace, and not just scare yourself.

Before the day is done, you’ll see the track as your “friend”, you’ll be having serious fun! and you’ll be looking forward to coming back again to learn more.

Over many years CLASS has earned the reputation “The friendliest and safest place to learn and practice the riding skills we all need”. We look forward to seeing you there!


What Our Students Say

...I wanted to thank you for your awesome training!  As motor officers we do a lot of slow speed training and clutch throttle work in various cone patterns.  While performing our duties, however, we are constantly accelerating, braking, and handling our motorcycles at a high rate of speed.  Your training fills the gap that’s been missing for a long time!  It’s nice to gain more experience and comfort while learning to push our bikes and ourselves to higher limits!

Andrew Bernath
Chino P.D.

... I feel the skills and principles you taught are not only pertinent to the race track but are critical in the safe operation of a motorcycle no matter where you are riding. This class should be mandatory for every Motor Officer as it offers true officer survival skills for the streets. Thank you for the unforgettable day and the incredible gift this training truly is.

Deputy Bryan Robins
Orange County Sheriff's Department

I was a motor officer in your CLASS and I'm still riding high today! That was the best money ever spent.  To see your passion Reg, and skills, and Gigi's ability, just totally re-invigorated me in a sport I've loved for years. [...] I can't say enough about how pleased and happy me and my group of officers are. [...] I've had as many if not more pursuits than any of my partners and wish I had these skills before now. Thank you for a wonderful day.

Richard Smith
01 October, 2018

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