For over 40 years... Reg and CO have been on it...

When it comes to teaching people how to ride a motorcycle better, nobody has the experience of Reg Pridmore. His philosophies have been forged with over 50 years experience riding and racing. He won the first 3 AMA Superbike Championships – the very first Superbikes in the world! and has been teaching better technique since 1972, under the CLASS banner since 1986. In 1998 CLASS was chosen the Best Street Riding School by Motorcyclist Magazine, and in 2002 Reg achieved the honor of being inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame.

Reg Pridmore

Reg and those he’s chosen to help him are extremely personable, friendly, and approachable with a vast depth of knowledge. They are ready and willing to share this with students both on and off the track. In addition to classroom and track instruction by Reg, we make available one on one instruction throughout the day.

Talk about experience! CLASS instructors are all accomplished riders and racers with many many years of street and track experience. Each was handpicked by Reg to work with CLASS. All were students at one time, and they know that riding a motorcycle, as with anything good in life, continues to be a learning experience. You never stop learning. And just like you they continue to learn and to help you to become better based on their experience. Don’t miss our CLASS Team page to get acquainted with this great group of helpers.

All of us at CLASS are passionate about helping you become a better rider – no matter what your type of bike. We can help you get the tools – the technique and the control – to help make rider and machine flow as one. Whether you’ve been riding only a short time, or many years, you can still become a better rider. And we can help you do that.

Come and tap into some real experience. Get to CLASS!


What Our Students Say

Reg, I just wanted to thank you all for an amazing and informative experience. After many years on motorcycles in the dirt and on the street, your instruction, advice and opportunity to practice on a track made me realize just how much there is still to learn (and how many bad habits I have). It was one of the most exciting moments of my motorcycling life.The attitudes, approachability, and genuine willingness to help exhibited by all members of your "family" exceeded all expectation. I look forward to attending another CLASS when you return to Laguna Seca. By then I will have pored over every word and image in your book!


I wanted to thank you for the greatest experience I have ever had on my bike. All the aftermarket goodies in the world can't replace the performance you can get out of your bike by learning how to ride it better. This was my first time on a track and I was nervous at first but, quickly got up to speed with the guidance and input from yourself and your staff. Not all people can be great at something and also teach people how to be good as well. You all do this with straight forward applicable information, as one instructor told me "you are getting a lot out of your bike now it's time to get your butt off the seat and get more out of it". That's information you can use! Your class improved my confidence in all areas of riding! Thank you again and I will be out there again with CLASS!

James F.

Reg, I took all you said to heart and it paid off Big for me! Your instructors were the smoothest control riders I've ever been on a track with of all the track days I've done previously with other organizations. I left your class feeling more confident, sorted, organized, and over all safer, as a rider. Your whole program and staff were Great! First Class! & Very Professional! I never felt safer being on the track than at your school.

Clark S.

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