April 15/16, 2024
Streets of Willow
Two full days, just 16 students. A total immersion in Reg’s teaching and the CLASS experience. Now sold out, pls call for availability (805) 933-9936
May 5, 2024
Streets of Willow
A Sunday with Reg and Team — CLASS standard A & B school
May 6, 2024
Streets of Willow
Motor Officer Advanced Training is back! 👮‍♀️ NOW SOLD OUT Call (805) 933-9936 for any availability.
Oct 17/18, 2024
Streets of Willow
Two full days, just 16 students. A total immersion in Reg’s teaching and the CLASS experience.
Pro2 Baxley


What Fellow Students Say

Thank you Reg and Gigi for a great couple of days at VIR. The CLASS exceeded my expectations. I have about 150 days on tracks using the standard “school” or wide line (between cars and bikes) so this was a paradigm shift for me to always strive for tight, economical lines. Some more feedback: the two of you are some of the warmest, genuine, caring, enthusiastic people that I have ever met. The classroom lectures (discussions) clearly came from the heart. Humility is a valuable quality in everyone and your own humility set the example for all of us. “There is always someone faster than you, and always someone slower than you.” That is a profound thought to keep in mind. I was also impressed with how clean the A group riding was, especially day two. Most of these folks really know how to ride. I gave up open track days because the clientele is too crazy and their attitudes were infecting me. I felt very safe out there in CLASS. I will be back, and I will bring my friends.


Reg and Gigi, Thank you for two spectacular days. I took The Crest Highway home to Glendora, and it was almost an out-of-body experience. . . . really! I was smoother, more relaxed and faster, but at the same time I felt safer. Everything I learned on the track translated to the road in tangible ways. Throttle control, keeping the wheel connected to the motor, steering the bike with my body, trusting my tires, looking where I want to go, etc. I rode with confidence, not fear. I felt prepared for the unknown and was riding well within my limits, but having much more fun in the process. Thanks again! I'll be back.

Ken R.

Reg, I can’t thank you and your team enough for the most awesome day of riding I have ever experienced. As a 57 year old rider of only two years, I was very apprehensive about attending CLASS. My biggest concern was not that I might crash but, getting in the way of the faster riders. You and your staff supported the ‘slower‘ rider all day. You maintained control of the track and your team has the most fantastic teaching skills I have ever come across. To a one they all were highly skilled and knew how to get the message across in a positive and uplifting way. Thanks again and look forward to next time.

Rick C.

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