In 2016, 3X AMA Pro Superbike Champ and Motorcycle Hall of Famer Reg Pridmore broke new ground in the area of advanced rider training. At the request of the Hawthorne PD and Lt. Ti Goetz, Reg’s Motor Officers Advanced Training got its start, and 2024 marks our 9th year training Police Motors.

Pridmore, a fervent supporter of law enforcement and a highly regarded professional motorcycle instructor with over 50 years of experience, was approached by members of the Hawthorne Police Department in 2015 after several of their motor officers attended one of his “CLASS” standard schools. Their rave reviews on his teaching style, knowledge, riding skills and commitment to focus and control fit exactly into what motor officers strive for in their own training. With very few facilities available for higher speed motorcycle training, this class and facility was tailor made for the job motor officers have.

Motor Officer Advanced Training

It's about being a better rider

CLASS is all about being a better rider and no matter what your skill level, we will make you a better safer, more confident rider. Not only will you learn sound techniques that will help you on the road, you will practice on the track, on your police motor, in an environment that will allow you to find the capabilities of both you and the bike. Smart riders know that no matter what your experience level, there’s always something to learn. Parking lot training has its place, but Reg’s time tested methods of teaching control and technique on a closed circuit in real time has taken Motor Officer Training to a whole new level. This training will help save officers lives as they become better, safer riders, working to protect and to serve.
Motor Officer Advanced Training

Riding well is a perishable skill

“While all of us ride for a living, riding well is a perishable skill. Your class forced all of us to remember the basics, to apply control and discipline in our riding, and to truly focus on the many skills and techniques necessary to enjoy a long career in what can often be an extremely dangerous profession. I can’t think of a better place for motor officers to find out what both they and their bikes are capable of” said Lt. Ti Goetz of the Hawthorne Traffic Bureau.
  • Free RV Camping in the paddock at the track is available for this training. Plan on 5 PM arrival on Sunday evening before the event.

Reg's Motor Officer Advanced Training CLASS has trained riders from:

Hawthorne PD | Redondo Beach PD | El Segundo PD | Orange Country Sheriff’s Dept | Hermosa Beach PD | Alhambra PD | California Highway Patrol | Buena Park PD | Carlsbad PD | Cal State LA PD | Riverside Sheriff’s Dept | Riverside PD | Palos Verdes Est.PD | Laguna Niguel PD | Laguna Beach PD | Ontario PD | Torrance PD | LA County Sheriff’s Dept | La Habra PD | Simi Valley PD | Sparks, NV PD | Santa Clara PD | So. Pasadena PD | Gardena PD |Chino PD | Corona PD | Rialto PD | Tustin PD |Oxnard PD | Ventura County Sheriff’s Dept | Ventura PD | Whittier PD | Elk Grove PD | Carmel PD | Stockton PD | Lodi PD | Idaho State Troopers | Menifee PD | Pasadena PD | Richmond PD | Fremont PD | San Francisco PD | San Jose PD | Palm Springs PD |Newport Beach PD | Coronado PD | UCLA PD | Burbank PD | Napa County SD | Washoe/Reno SD | Long Beach PD | Santa Ana PD | Gilroy PD | Tulare PD


What Fellow Motor Officers Say

Good morning Reg, On behalf of Chino Police Department, I wanted to thank you for your awesome training!  As motor officers we do a lot of slow speed training and clutch throttle work in various cone patterns.  While performing our duties, however, we are constantly accelerating, braking, and handling our motorcycles at a high rate of speed.  Your training fills the gap that’s been missing for a long time!  It’s nice to gain more experience and comfort while learning to push our bikes and ourselves to higher limits!

Andrew Bernath
Chino P.D.

Dear Reg: I was a motor officer in your CLASS and I'm still riding high today! That was the best money ever spent.  To see your passion Reg, and skills, and Gigi's ability, just totally re-invigorated me in a sport I've loved for years. The CLASS was presented in such a low key manner yet fed off the desire of individuals who wanted to do so much better, it was awesome! Your instructors were beyond helpful, humble, modest and kind.  They just wanted everyone to enjoy and learn throughout the day.  You and your team were so down to earth and accommodating. I had no idea from the time I showed up, who you were or what you had done until halfway through that day.  Everyone was just so modest and kind. I can't say enough about how pleased and happy me and my group of officers are.  I'm not kissing up, it was just that great of a day.  I only have fifteen years on a bike and most of that in enforcement.  I've had as many if not more pursuits than any of my partners and wish I had these skills before now. Thank you for a wonderful day.

Deputy Bruce Frazee
Orange County Sheriff's Department

Reg, Gigi, and all the instructors, Four of my partners and I attended the motor officer day on September 22, 2016 and we learned more than I could ever imagine about operating our motorcycles at speed. I started enforcement riding three years ago and have been riding some type of motorcycle since age five. I have never been taught the techniques you gave us which allowed us to operate our motorcycles with more precision, speed, and safety. I feel the skills and principles you taught are not only pertinent to the race track but are critical in the safe operation of a motorcycle no matter where you are riding. This class should be mandatory for every Motor Officer as it offers true officer survival skills for the streets.

Thank you for the unforgettable day and the incredible gift this training truly is.

Deputy Bryan Robins
Orange County Sheriff's Department

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