BMW MOA member James Carlisle reviews his couple of days at CLASS in: “Exploring Limits With Reg Pridmore at VIR”

— “but with his help, I clocked my best lap time of the two days while riding in the rain. Most students saw triple-digit speeds, went faster, leaned farther, and braked harder than ever before. There were no injuries. After two full days of track riding in rain and shine, everyone who began on Day 1 was still riding at the end of Day 2”. read more

BMW-ON: CLASS Student Bruce Dimon gets it!  Check out his VIR event in “A CLASS Ride”

“When I told my wife I had signed up for a training class, she asked, “Why are you taking a class? You’re an instructor.” While I can demonstrate beginning riding techniques perfectly, is that good enough to ride safely on the streets?” read more

Bimmer Magazine’s Will Edgar talks about Old School Superbike racing and CLASS and a wild ride on the back…

“That Reginald Charles Pridmore III had won three consecutive AMA Superbike Championships—his and the series’ first aboard a Butler & Smith-tuned BMW R90S in 1976, then two more on a Kawasaki in ’77 and ’78—inspired enough confidence for me to ride passenger on his motorcycle. Lots of people have done that, of course, a passenger ride with Reg having been a…” read more


“A Noobs First Experience… big thanks to Stephen Durham for your great write up published in the BMW-ON magazine. After Stephen came to VIR for the first time and had the time of his life, he sat down and wrote about it. Read his fun accounting of two days at CLASS here.”


“Make Your Own Smart Space” Road Racing World’s Michael Gougis spent a day with CLASS… “Pridmore’s CLASS school emphasizes many of the fundamentals of riding a performance motorcycle at speed that other schools do. But because the focus here is on the street…” Read more 


“Back to School” Rider Magazine’s Arden Kysely freshens his skills and revs the VFR up on the racetrack. Read his account here.


Best School: Motorcyclist chose CLASS the best. Check it out here.


“A CLASS Act” In an issue of Motorcycle Product News, freelance journalist and Motorcyclist contributor Aaron Frank visits CLASS and finds a fun, informative and easy going day with a champion and his team. Read more

LA Times

“Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Mastery, as Taught by Reg Pridmore” by David Colker ran in the L.A. Times. Read and learn grasshopper…


“Laps of Luxury” Tim Carrithers from Motorcyclist joins CLASS as a Premier Executive School Student. “Had I focused on Reg’s words not 20 minutes earlier I’d be slicing blissfully through Laguna Seca’s Andretti Curve instead of improvising this 100-mph nac-nac out in the dirt…” read it all here.


What Our Students Say

Reg & Gigi, I recently attended Class School at Laguna Seca and I wanted to thank you for the AMAZING, WONDERFUL experience! I’m a new rider but head over heals in love with motorcycles. The information and insight along with the hands-on instruction went above and beyond! Not only did I learn technique and have the opportunity to test my skills without threat of cars, pot-holes and speeding tickets, I gained a greater appreciation for the sport and my fellow riders. The instructors were Fantastic! Phil’s “body analysis” was extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and providing a safe and inspirational environment. I look forward to seeing you again!

Keith U.

... I feel the skills and principles you taught are not only pertinent to the race track but are critical in the safe operation of a motorcycle no matter where you are riding. This class should be mandatory for every Motor Officer as it offers true officer survival skills for the streets. Thank you for the unforgettable day and the incredible gift this training truly is.

Deputy Bryan Robins
Orange County Sheriff's Department

Reg and Gigi, Thank you for two spectacular days. I took The Crest Highway home to Glendora, and it was almost an out-of-body experience. . . . really! I was smoother, more relaxed and faster, but at the same time I felt safer. Everything I learned on the track translated to the road in tangible ways. Throttle control, keeping the wheel connected to the motor, steering the bike with my body, trusting my tires, looking where I want to go, etc. I rode with confidence, not fear. I felt prepared for the unknown and was riding well within my limits, but having much more fun in the process. Thanks again! I'll be back.

Ken R.